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Absentee Buyers

Absentee Buyer Inspections

Goff Home Inspections, LLC is the choice of many home buyers who are purchasing a home in the mid-Michigan area who cannot be present at the home inspection. The benefits for absentee home buyers who use Goff Home Inspections, LLC are many. The benefits include:

A very thorough and comprehensive home inspection.  You will receive my very best effort when I inspect your home.

On-line access to the inspection agreement. All home inspections require the completion and receipt of an inspection agreement. It is important that I receive a signed agreement prior to the date of the inspection. My prospective out-of town/absentee buyers can simply click on the Inspection Agreement button on this web site, print a printer-friendly copy of the agreement, complete the client information and signature and then email the completed agreement to kevin@goffhomeinspections.com.

Payment for all inspections must be received prior to the inspection. Send checks for all inspections to Goff Home Inspections, 2610 Sorority Lane, Holt, MI 48842. Note: the inspection report is released after payment for the inspection has been received.

State of the Art Computer Generated Inspection Report
Clients receive a comprehensive state of the art inspection report that is easy to read and is customized to represent the house that is being inspected. Since my reports are web-based, absent clients receive an inspection report that is:

Descriptive. My reports are very comprehensive and easy to review and understand. The descriptions describe what I noted, why it’s an issue, what needs to happen to correct or maintain the issue and a real benefit for clients who are not familiar with the Lansing-area, the names and phone numbers of reputable area contractors as a place to start for necessary repairs, maintenance and/or upgrades.

Pictures: My clients receive a report that is full of color reference pictures that show the client the area/item I am describing in the report. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Complementary pictures are also included in most reports for the benefit of the absent client.

On-Line Access: The on-line access features of my reporting process provide my absent clients and their Realtor with convenient features: These features/ benefits include:

A report that can be accessed by the client at any time (24/7) and from anywhere in the world where internet access is available.

A report that can be accessed and reviewed (simultaneously) by the buyer (client) and any other party that receives viewing privileges from the client*. This feature allows multiples parties to view the report (on-line) and discuss the inspection report (by phone) at the same time even if the parties are in a different city, state or country. This is an excellent feature when it comes to client/Realtor discussions regarding the release of the inspection contingency or any re-negotiations.

(*) Goff Home Inspections, LLC only discloses the inspection report to the client and the client’s agent, never to other parties without the client’s permission.  In addition, the client receives forwarding permission so the client can forward a copy of the report to any party for their convenience.

Goff Home Inspections, LLC is the inspection company of choice for absentee/out-of-town home buyers. Call my office now to schedule your inspection – you’ll be glad you did.