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Sample Report

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Goff Home Inspections, LLC is the only Lansing-area inspection company that creates a HomeGauge customized computer-generated inspection report for each inspected home. The remarks contained in every inspection report specially represent the verbal remarks conveyed to the client throughout the on-site inspection.

Goff Home Inspections, LLC does not use the popular preprinted paper reports that rely on generic preprinted comments and check boxes to convey all of the important verbal on-site inspection remarks.

In addition to the custom verbiage, each report contains multiple color pictures that serve as an excellent resource for recalling the areas discussed during the inspection. For example, when a client needs to recall discussions about rim joist insulation, soffit vents, an open electrical splice and/or the location of a plumbing leak, there are pictures in each section of the report that illustrate the areas discussed.

When you select Goff Home Inspections, LLC to perform your home inspection, you receive an inspection report that is a reflection of the efforts Kevin Goff puts into every inspection he performs.